A product design talk series

Taco Tuesdays is a product design talk series created and hosted by thoughtbot, a web and mobile application consultancy.

We want to create an intimate and low-key space where designers can learn about each others' processes and techniques.

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Event Details

January 26th, 2016 – Doors open at 6:30pm

thoughtbot, inc.
85 2nd Street, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94105
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Alex Hertz

Al is a designer dedicated to building useful technology for creative people. Currently, he's helping developers build better financial technology as a designer at Plaid. Before that, he led design at Gumroad, a company designing a better commerce experience for the creative economy. In his spare time, he can usually be found making music, practicing yoga, or reorganizing his closet.

Coding as Part of the Digital Product Design Process

Whether or not coding harms or helps the digital product design process is a polarizing topic in digital design community. This talk will outline it's benefits and share tools and perspectives that can help us all work more closely with code.

Jazmyn Latimer

Jazmyn, a researcher and user experience designer, is interested in combining social science to solve problems and enhance lives through technology. She was a Behavior Analyst for children with autism and adults with Alzheimer’s for 3 years before transferring over to user experience research and design. She’s recently finished her Code for America fellowship with the City of Vallejo, using design and technology to connect the Vallejo police and community. Now she’s a Lead Designer at Code for America, working on untangling services in the criminal justice system.

Untangling Services in the Criminal Justice System

Code for America is a nonprofit organization that is using design and technology to fix government services. Last year, Jazmyn worked with the Vallejo police department to build a tool that connects them with their community. This year, Jazmyn and her team are working on redesigning services that help people clear their criminal records. She'll share some stories from the front lines.

Past Speakers

Designer, Mule

Designer, Netflix

Emily Haasch

Designer, Electric Objects

Tiffany Chu

Founder, Remix

Kim Ho

Product Designer, Coin

Leslie Chicoine

Design Architect, Breadcrumb by Groupon

Steven Harley

Product Designer, thoughtbot

Izac Ross

Interaction Designer, Cooper

Devon St.Clair

Product Designer, thoughtbot

Bradee Evans

Lead Product Designer, Adobe Photoshop

Jaireh Tecarro

UX Designer, Previously Jawbone, Nook, Nokia

Kyle Dehovitz

Product Designer, IFTTT

Francine Lee

UX Researcher, Dropbox

Carolann Bonner

Product Designer, Segment

Susan Lin

Designer, Previously Trulia

Adam Morse

Designer, Previously Salesforce

Wells Riley

Product Designer, Envoy