A product design talk series

Taco Tuesdays is a product design talk series created and hosted by thoughtbot, a web and mobile application consultancy.

We want to create an intimate and low-key space where designers can learn about each others' processes and techniques.

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Event Details

November 17th, 2015 – Doors open at 6:30pm

thoughtbot, inc.
85 2nd Street, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 91405
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Andy Davies

Andy is a designer at Mule, and "lead worrier" at Sweaty Robots, a side project that he’s still not sure what it actually is.Real Robots Don’t Sweat

Design is an industry riddled with fear and anxiety, whether it’s of clients, critique, or our own unattainable standards. We do weird things under the influence of all that pressure, and this talk is a chance to set aside the stigma and be honest about the pressures we feel in a perfectionist field.

Zethus Suen

Designer by day, failed superhero by night, Zethus works on delivering enterprise applications at Netflix.

He cares about interfaces, interactions, and bridging the gap between designers and engineers. Zethus currently resides in San Francisco, where he enjoys biking, bouldering, and spending $5 on coffee, but not $0.99 for an app.

Designing with Data (or How to Not Cry Designing for Edge Cases)

Have you ever finished a design comp just to realize you forgot certain text should be truncated? Non-ideal image dimensions? Missing retina assets? This talk will cover why and how to design against pesky edge cases by leveraging existing or mock data.

Past Speakers

Emily Haasch

Designer, Electric Objects

Tiffany Chu

Founder, Remix

Kim Ho

Product Designer, Coin

Leslie Chicoine

Design Architect, Breadcrumb by Groupon

Steven Harley

Product Designer, thoughtbot

Izac Ross

Interaction Designer, Cooper

Devon St.Clair

Product Designer, thoughtbot

Bradee Evans

Lead Product Designer, Adobe Photoshop

Jaireh Tecarro

UX Designer, Previously Jawbone, Nook, Nokia

Kyle Dehovitz

Product Designer, IFTTT

Francine Lee

UX Researcher, Dropbox

Carolann Bonner

Product Designer, Segment

Susan Lin

Designer, Previously Trulia

Adam Morse

Designer, Previously Salesforce

Wells Riley

Product Designer, Envoy