A product design talk series

Taco Tuesdays is a product design talk series created and hosted by thoughtbot, a web and mobile application consultancy.

We want to create an intimate and low-key space where designers can learn about each others' processes and techniques.

Event Details

May 24, 2016

thoughtbot, inc.
85 2nd Street, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94105
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Alex Dixon

Alex is a partner at Dixon & Moe, a design and software consultancy building websites and digital products in San Francisco. Previously he studied architecture at MIT and co-founded Monograph.io, which just relaunched as a website builder for architects.

Should Designers SEO?

Adding another layer to the “Should designers…” debate, we’ll share the story of how we took a small design project to number one on Google with over 250,000 page views per month (and growing), divulging our hacker-strategy and pulling back the curtain on the dark arts of SEO.

Shan He

Shan He is software engineer and data visualization specialist at the visualization team at Uber. She is a designer and coder and the earliest member of the team. At Uber, Shan builds data tools and platforms to make business intelligence easy to access, creates exploratory data visualizations to facilitate data analysis and modeling, and publishes public facing graphics and animations to tell data stories about Uber. Prior to joining Uber, Shan studied at MIT and received a master in design computation while conducting research at the MIT Senseable City Lab as data visualization specialist. Her work was exhibited at Milan Design Week 2013, GoogleIO 2013 and venice biennale 2014.

Building Data Visualizations for Storytelling and Decision Making

Shan is going to give a introduction about data visualization and why is it important. She is going to introduce different types of data visualizations and talk about some technical topics including web standards and tools for data visualization. In the end, she will show case some of her work at the visualization team at Uber.

Past Speakers

Alex HertzDesigner, Plaid
Jazmyn LatimerLead Designer, Code for America
Andy DaviesDesigner, Mule
Zethus SuenDesigner, Netflix
Emily HaaschDesigner, Electric Objects
Tiffany ChuFounder, Remix
Kim HoProduct Designer, Coin
Leslie ChicoineDesign Architect, Breadcrumb by Groupon
Steven HarleyProduct Designer, thoughtbot
Izac RossInteraction Designer, Cooper
Devon St.ClairProduct Designer, thoughtbot
Bradee EvansLead Product Designer, Adobe Photoshop
Jaireh TecarroUX Designer, Previously Jawbone, Nook, Nokia
Kyle DehovitzProduct Designer, IFTTT
Francine LeeUX Researcher, Dropbox
Carolann BonnerProduct Designer, Segment
Susan LinDesigner, Previously Trulia
Adam MorseDesigner, Previously Salesforce
Wells RileyProduct Designer, Envoy